Taygra Shoes Australia

At Taygra Shoes Australia we have decided to sell these shoes here for one simple reason:  We love them!

We often travel to Brazil, and always return with at least one pair of Taygra sneakers for ourselves. Over the years we have become more and more addicted to our Taygra shoes.  The comfort, the style, and the quality.

Finally in the end of October 2012 we decided it was time to share our discovery with the rest of Australia, so we put our savings into a huge order of shoes.

We firmly believe that these comfortable and stylish Taygra shoes are a perfect fit for the Australian climate, and the great Aussie lifestyle.

You can buy your Taygra shoes through this website, but we also take the shoes to markets in and around Brisbane, for anyone who would like to try on instead of buying online.

You can stay updated on which markets and events we will attend through our facebook page.

We have more than 50 different colour combinations in limited numbers, and we will always aim to keep the range as broad as possible.

The Shoes

Taygra sneakers are light, flexible and super trendy.

They are almost 100%handmade (70% of production is purely handmade and the other 30% is machine assisted)

All shoes are carefully made with great attention to detail to achieve high quality, comfort and style. For these reasons production numbers are limited.

Taygra shoes are made from vegan leather, rainforest rubber and recycled materials.

Taygra Origin

The word Taygra comes from the indigenous  language Guarani and it means ‘Divine Seed’

Taygra  started as a small family business in 1989, and has since grown to be a respected player in the Brazilian sneaker industry. Renowned for the sleek designs, bold colours, and the commitment to quality and environment.

Today you can also find Taygra shoes in France, Spain, USA, Japan, Korea and now finally in Australia.


Although we care a lot about our Taygra sneakers, we realize that there are other things on earth even more important.

Taygra actively plays a part in preserving the rainforest through the transformation of plots of pasture into forest around the Amazon.

We all know what the impact of deforestation has on our world, and with this in mind Taygra launched the “curupira project” to help support the Amazon forest.

So for each Taygra pair of shoes sold approximately 1 Euro goes towards planting trees in the Amazon. (buy a shoe plant a tree!)

Some Taygra models are made out of a very specialised “rainforest canvas”. This canvas is a vegetable leather made out of latex extracted from native rubber trees. This is a time consuming proces requiring the experience and know-how of local farmers in the Amazon forest.

Taygra supports fair trade, and ensures that workers and suppliers are paid a fair wage.

Physical Benefits

Supportive shoes often do much of the work that our muscles were meant to do, as a result you acquire weak muscles.

Taygra sneakers are a minimalist shoes. It protects your feet (in style) while still able to give your body the remarkable benefits of walking barefoot.

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of barefoot walking without the dangers of hurting your feet?